Yellow Tourism 2019: a truck of the
International Cruise Conference 2019

The cruise sector has been undergoing significant growth over the past decades. Alongside this growth a number of issues have emerged at all levels of the cruise holiday value-chain, ranging from novel guest-requirements and increased intra-sectoral competition to sustainability pressures and infrastructural limitations. In order to effectively ‘navigate’ through those pressures and sustain it’s ‘success course’, the cruise sector is required to question traditional practices, innovate product offerings and adopt new technologies. Embracing and managing this change imperative is as challenging and it is promising. In this line, and besides the ICC’s traditional theme tracks, this conference’s main theme is: “Cruise Tourism: Change Imperative and Dynamics” In the tradition of its predecessors, the upcoming ICC conference will incorporate the following features:


 ‘Journal Publication Opportunities’: In the past, the ICC has collaborated with reputable publishers such as Springer, enabling high-visibility of its proceedings and contributing papers. Selected papers (following a double-blind peer review) will be published in a Special Issue of the ‘Tourism in Marine Environments’ journal ( journaltitles/tourism-in-marine-environments).

Should the volume and quality of submissions exceed the scope of a special journal issue, additional publication options are available (i.e. double special issue and / or published conference proceedings book)

 ‘Emerging Scholar Opportunities’: The ICC conference series and the Cruise Research Society has always welcomed early-career and/or un-published researchers in its community. As important as it is to support those beginning their research career in cruise tourism, the community itself has always greatly benefited from the enthusiasm and perspectives of new-generation scientists. Emerging scholars and students are explicitly and actively encouraged to participate and submit their research.

 ‘Guest Track’: This year features a ‘Yellow Tourism’ guest track, focusing on crime and corruption in the tourism / cruise sector. This represents a new sub-domain in interdisciplinary tourism research bringing together researchers and professionals from various fields such as: Economics, law, criminology and ethics. This track is represented and endorsed by the ‘Yellow Tourism Consortium’, and will enable a cross-fertilisation of viewpoints and ideas within the ICC framework.

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